Microscopy Book Series #6 - Home

The sixth number of this Microscopy Book Series has been released and edited into 2 volumes:

Contents Vol. 1 (pp. 1-588)
   Vol. 1 ISBN: 978-84-942134-3-4

Contents Vol. 2 (pp. 589-1213)
   Vol. 2 ISBN: 978-84-942134-4-1

  • Book title: Microscopy: advances in scientific research and education
  • Editor: A. Méndez-Vilas
  • Publisher: Formatex Research Center
  • Publication date: September 2014

The chapters of this book were written by active researchers, using original research materials but presented in a way accessible to a public beyond those ones who are specialists in the topic dealt.

The book was divided into the following sections:

  • Applications in Biology and Medicine
  • Methods and Techniques
  • Applications in Physical/Chemical Sciences
  • Education

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We hope readers will find this sixth number of the Microscopy Book Series interesting and stimulating, and look forward to receiving new proposals for the new edition in 2016.